Whether you enjoy local flavor (gator, frog legs, and fish) or fancy dining, it is all available near our home.  We encourage you to skip Cracker Barrel and experience some real Southern cooking!  Most of the restaurants along A1A are pretty good.  Look for lots of cars and motorcycles, and you're sure to find great food.

Local Southern Flair!
The Bantam Chef
The Bantam Chef stand in Bunnell is definitely a must if you want a little local "flavor."  DO NOT miss the fish sandwich!  Enough said.  It's the biggest and best fish sandwich you will ever see....or eat!  Don't let the appearance scare you away.  This is a great place to people watch!

Bantam Chef--Go for the Fish Sandwich!

A1A Burrito Works
Found at Flagler Beach, just a half block from the water, this taco stand is great!  Again, don't let the appearance scare you away.  This is a true surfer hangout with great food.  We recommend the tacos (both Baja style and "the works").  Also, the UFO is the best!  Grab lots of napkins, and walk across the street to eat it at the beach!  You can't get much better than that!  400 South, Ocean Shore Blvd.

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Snack Jacks
This is a restaurant south of the pier about 4 miles on the beach side of the road.  It looks like a shed about to fall into the ocean.  Although the menu is not as great, and the prices have increased, the atmosphere is excellent and a lot of fun.  Don't be surprised at the valet parking.  Everyone must use it because of the parking situation.  It is very kid friendly.

Snack Jack's
This is Snack Jack's sister restaurant.  It is not far from our house, next to the Flagler airport on State Road 100.  It has a play ground for the kids, and it's fun to watch the planes fly in and out.  The food is good with a fun environment.

The Pier Restaurant
Our family has enjoyed the breakfasts at the Pier Restaurant for many, many years.  It is located directly on Flagler Beach's pier.

Woody's Barbecue
Yes, it is a national chain, but it is good.  Don't miss the banana pudding.  It is in the complex near Burger King when you get off of I-95.  You know it's good barbecue when you get the meat plain, with the sauces on the side. 

St. Augustine Restaurants
Let us just say that if you come to Florida and you don't eat at Osteens, you have truly missed the boat!  In fact, if we (who love Osteens), hear that you did not eat here, you will be banned from our house forever!  It is worth the drive...and the wait!  The secret to Osteens is timing.  It is a SMALL diner.  You must get there as it opens (11:00), or go late, before it closes.  Remember:  it is CASH ONLY.  Order the shrimp...double shrimp...triple shrimp!!!  It is delicious.  The Southern fried chicken is also great for those non-seafood eaters. You can also order from the window and take your food to a park or down to the beach.  You do not have to wait for a table.  The antique store across the parking lot announces the waiting list over their intercom, so you can wait inside and shop.  Osteens is also closed on Mondays.


Salt Water Cowboys
This too is a classic Southern place to eat!  Follow our map.  The atmosphere cannot be better.  The restaurant is in an old fishing camp set on the marsh.  It is not open for lunch. We suggest Osteens for lunch, and Salt Water Cowboys for dinner (after a day in St. Augustine).  They offer a "Cracker Special" appetizer for those brave enough--gator tail, frog legs, and gopher (turtle).  Our boys think this is the greatest.  Mom, not so much!  Turn left onto Dondonville heading north into St. Augustine.  It is at the end of the dead end street.  They are closed on Mondays.