Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach is the closest beach to our home -- just a 15-minute drive away.  We consider it the greatest beach for many reasons.   For one, it is hardly ever crowded.  If you want privacy, Flagler Beach is your beach.  Secondly, it has great surfing.  The Tommy Tant Surf Competition is held at Flagler Beach each year.  There is a constant wave break near the pier.  The waves are great, and the surfers are pretty tolerant of beginners.  We also enjoy the fact that they have lifeguards on duty.  For younger kids, we love the tide pools during low tide.  Our older boys can surf, and the little girls can play in the tide pools.  They are large, but only about a foot deep.  It is perfect for the little ones.  

Over the years we have made many memories on that red, shell sand!  Stacey's father grew-up in Bunnell and tells of running past the ticket man on the pier and diving off the end, swimming back to the shore.  He told us of the "good old days" when they used pieces of wood for surf boards and inner tubes to float!  We have memories of fishing in the surf, catching sand fleas, and watching each other time and again wipe out in the waves! 

Flagler Beach is our beach.  It is where we went as children, where we have brought our children, and where we hope that they will bring their children.   We hope you love the area as much as we do!